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Night Vision Goggle HYPER MOUNT

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Scope mounts/scope rings, a kind of Weaver Rail Mount, is a system to connect telescopic sights,tactical flashlight and other accessories to rifles, shot guns, pistols, and crossbows. It uses a pair of parallel rails and several slots perpendicular to these rails. 

Canis Latrans’ scope mounting systems are engineered to uphold the precision, strength and good looks designed into every Canis Latrans’ riflescope. Choose from S-Series steel or A-Series aluminum rings and bases, mounts for the BLACK riflescope line. All are held to incredibly tight tolerances.

Scope bases
The base is attached to the rifle, usually with screws, and is often designed to have a low profile, and to allow use of the iron sights if the scope is not present. Some manufacturers provide integral bases on many of their firearms; an example of such a firearm is the Ruger Super Redhawk revolver. The most commonly encountered mounting systems are the 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) and the 11 mm dovetail rails (sometimes called tip-off mounts), commonly found on rimfires and air guns, the Weaver type base and the STANAG 2324 (MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny rail") base. Ruger uses a proprietary scope base system, though adapters are available to convert the Ruger bases into Weaver type bases. Scope base and mounting systems are also manufactured in Europe. Specialized manufacturers like Ernst Apel GmbH offer an elaborate program of mounting solutions for many different guns. Some of the European mounting solutions are virtually unknown and hence rarely applied in America. Many European gun manufacturers also developed and offer proprietary scope base systems for their guns, for example Sako has tapered dovetails and Tikka uses 16 mm dovetail.
Scope ring sizes
In addition to needing the right type of connector to attach to the desired base on the firearm (e.g. a picatinny rail), a scope mount needs to have a way to mount to the scope. Ring mounting is the most common method, and the ring size must be chosen according to the size of the outer main tube of the optic. Scopes with a larger main tube have more room for the erector assembly, thereby allowing for a design with increased elevation adjustment.
The three most common standards are:
1 in (25.4 mm), offers a lower production cost compared to 30 mm main tubes, but allows for less elevation adjustment than what is possible with a 30 mm tube
30 mm, the most common main tube standard today, and therefore has the widest range of mounting solutions
34 mm, which has become a new standard main tube size for tactical rifle scopes where more elevation is needed than with a standard 30 mm tube
Some less common standards are:
0.75 in (19.05 mm), seen on some very old models[citation needed]
22 mm
26 mm
35 mm, a rare tube size which only is seen on some current models from Romanian IOR and U.S.-based Vortex and Leupold
36 mm, only used on some newer scope models by Zeiss and Hensoldt
40 mm, only used on some scopes made by Romanian IOR and the new Swarovski dS scope
Rings are also available in a variety of heights and materials. Ring height is chosen to place the scope high enough to clear the firearm, and at a height comfortable for the shooter.


The Night Vision Goggle Mount is a precision-machined, highly adjustable, modular mount.  It provides an extremely stable platform for attaching almost every type of night vision goggle used by the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement communities.  As its name implies, it is an extremely low-profile NVG mount.  It is designed to the be lowest possible profile of any removable NVG mount on the market in both the active and stowed positions.  This geometry is very beneficial in the field as it presents a reduced snag hazard.

Like the other mounts in Norotos Hyper Series, its features a fully modular interface system.  Users can change mount interfaces between dovetail (included) and bayonet horn (sold separately) without tools, in the field.  The horn interface is compatible with the AN/PVS-7B, AN/PVS-7D, AN/PVS-14.  The dovetail interface is compatible with the AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-31, BNVD-G, TNV/Sentinel.  Interfaces are easily swapped without tools by manipulating a spring-loaded capture pin and sliding them off the adjustment rail.  Vertical adjustment is accomplished with ease by rotating a locking lever on top of the mount before sliding the mount up and down the vertical rail.  When the desired height is found, the lever is locked down.

Its features a Force-to-Overcome mechanism.  When the user wants to stow the goggle, he simply pushes if upwards to overcome the detent.  To reengage the goggle, the user simply pulls it down.  This gross-motion mechanism is the simplest way to use a night vision mount.

It also features a breakaway system for use during high-intensity activities where a night vision goggle could impact an outside surface and become damaged.  A shuttle switch allows the user to set the mount to either locked or breakaway mode.  When locked, the mount will not will come loose from the shroud without pushing the release button.  In breakaway mode, the mount will release from the shroud under a user-specified amount of force.  This is extremely useful during activities where the NVG and mount can become snagged on other gear or surfaces.  Smacking a stowed NVG on a surface during activities such as fast rope and vehicle dismount can snap the users head back and severely injure his/her neck.  It can also cause damage to the mounted NVG.  But, if the mount has a breakaway system like the Hyper Series, it will pop loose from the shroud.  Assuming the goggle is dummy-corded to the helmet, the user will have retain it while saving his neck.  The Hyper Series Break-Away mode is user-adjustable.  A top-mounted set screw allows operators to determine how many foot/pounds pressure are required to pop the mount loose.


-Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft Adjustment Levers allow for a custom fit user experience

-Helmet Mount Release Button allows one-handed release from helmet bracket or shroud

-Break-Away Button allows user to set the desired mode for mount (break-away or locked), depending on users operational needs.

-Glide-Rite infinitely adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions.

-Reduced weight and an enhanced NVG center of gravity in stow position.

-Auto shut-off integral with each adapter.

MATERIAL:  Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy, Hard Anodized

VERTICAL ADJUST:  1.10 Total Travel


FORE/AFT TRAVEL:  1.50 Total Travel


COMPATIBLE:  All Standard Bracket NVG Shrouds


Mounting a scope

As very few firearms come with built-in telescopic sights (military designs such as the Steyr AUG, SAR 21 and the H&K G36 being exceptions) mounting a scope to a firearm requires additional equipment. Equipment is available to mount scopes on most production firearms. A typical scope mounting system consists of two parts, the scope base and the scope rings. By picking the appropriate combination of scope base to fit the firearm and scope rings to fit the scope, a wide range of scopes may be mounted to most firearms. With the appropriate combination of adjustable scope bases and scope rings it is also possible to mount several telescopic sights on the same gun to make the gun more versatile. However, it is important to take into consideration whether or not a gun is particularly hard to mount. If it is or if a gun is intended for long-range shooting, it could be that the amount of vertical adjustment range is smaller than required. This can be solved with the help of a vertically canted base or canted rings. Typical cant angles offered by mounting components manufacturers are 20 and 30 MOA.

Mounting a weapon light

Shooter can also mount some weapon light to the rifle by using the scope rings.

Q1: Could you introduce briefly about your company?

A: Guangzhou Canislatrans Sports Limited is a professional manufactures who producing military outdoor equipment, tactical and optical instrument.

Q2: Can you do OEM?

A:Yes, we can

Q3: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: 1) We have specialized QC department.

2) We have all detailed records for nonconformity products.

Q4: How can I get some samples?
A: 1. You can choose our design, we make the samples accordingly.

2. Please send your original samples, we can make the copy as yours.

Q5: What's your production period?
A: 1)1-3days for our stock cargo. 

2)30-35 days for 1 20GP container . 

Q6: What's your shipping ways?
A: By express, air, sea.

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